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We first enjoy the natural photo of Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton. In this full talks for Louis Vuitton, Angelina has spoken about her first journey to Cambodia and this single journey changed the course of her life.

Thanks to her frank talks and personal views on Cambodia.

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Last Saturday I had a very nice dinner with my family at VG Garden (BBQ Restaurant). Then when I backed home with my brothers at 10pm. I heard a very nice country song from radio 99.5 Love FM. This song is sang by “Chris Young”. Let’s click and enjoy the video. 🙂

Chris Young – Tomorrow

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Steven Sharp Nelson – Bach is Back

Who is enjoy listing music? This afternoon, I found a very nice music on Youtube. It’s the cello song that call “Bach is Back” and was played by Steven Sharp Nelson with 7 cellos.
Do you wanna listen it? Let’s Play and Enjoy !!! 0(-_-)0


Steven Sharp Nelson – The Cello Song – Bach is back (7 more cellos)

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