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My Favorite Song from A Romantic movie,Twilight

Iron and Wine – Flightless Bird, American Mouth

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Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon

This is something we were waiting for since long time. A real cinema of Hollywood will open on 07 July 2011 with the premiere of Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon. I learned this from Legend Cinema Fan Page. This is the first Hollywood cinema in Cambodia after absence for a very long time. The ticket will be …[Read more at www.khmerbird.com ]

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Become an Architect!

Answers to your questions about careers in architecture

By Jackie Craven, About.com Guide

Would you like to become an architect? What classes should you take in school? How do you get started in your career? And (we have to ask) how much will you earn?

This page answers some of the most frequently asked questions about careers in architecture. The advice comes from several architects who participate in our discussion forum, and from Dr. Lee W Waldrep, an Architectural Education Consultant and author of Becoming an Architect

What Is an Architect?

An architect is a licensed professional who organizes space. Architects design houses, office buildings, skyscrapers, landscapes, and even entire cities.

Architects are trained in many areas, from historic preservation to structural engineering. Like doctors and lawyers, architects have completed university programs and lengthy internships. In most parts of the world, architects must pass a series of rigorous exams in order be licensed. In North America, the initials RA designate a registered, or licensed, architect.

An information architect is a person who plans the flow of information on Web pages. This use of the word architect is not related to building design.

The services of a licensed architect depend on the type of project; fees may range from 10% to 15% of the total construction costs.

Also Known As:

Architects design buildings, but a “Building Designer” is not usually a licensed architect.

Common Misspellings:

arcitect, arkitect, artitect, archatect, architeck, arcitech


Since the dawn of time, humans have constructed dwellings and created new environments. We often use the word “architect” to describe the artists and engineers who designed historic buildings like the Taj Mahal. However, it was only in the twentieth century that architects were required to pass tests and be licensed. Today, the word “architect” refers to a licensed professional.

What can I do with a major in architecture?

Architecture is an art and a science that involves many talents and skills. Students who study architecture in college may go on to become licensed architects, or they can apply their learning to a related profession. Career paths include:

To be an architect, what subjects should I take in high school?

While still in high school, you should plan a strong college preparatory program with courses in English, humanities subjects, mathematics, including geometry, trigonometry, algebra, and pre-calculus, and physics.

Art courses – drawing, painting, sculpture, or photography – will be helpful in developing your ability to visualize and conceptualize, both important skills to an architect.

Elective courses in computers and business will be extremely helpful in preparing for a career in architecture.

How much do architects earn?

Job Outlook for Architects
Architecture, like many other fields, has been profoundly affected by the economic slowdown and the drop in real estate values. Between July 2009 and November 2009, employment at American architecture firms dropped from 224,500 to 184,600, according to the US Department of Labor. And yet the US Department of Labor predicts that over the next ten years, employment of architects will increase more rapidly than the average for all occupations. Projections about the job outlook for architects in the USA are published in the Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Salaries for Architects
Many factors influence the salary an architect earns. Income varies greatly according to geographic location, type of firm, level of education, and years of experience. While published statistics can be outdated, they will give you a general idea of the salaries, wages, income, and benefits for architects. According to US Department of Labor statistics, in May 2008 architects in the USA earned between $41,320 and $119,220 a year. The mean annual wage was $76,750 per year, and the mean hourly rate was $36.90.

For more employment statistics, check out the DesignIntelligence Compensation and Benefits Survey (Order Online). This report draws data from approximately 460 practices that offer design services such as architecture, design-build, engineering, interior design, landscape architecture, urban design, and industrial design. More than 25,000 full-time staff are represented in the survey.

According to the DesignIntelligence Compensation Survey for 2009, architect income remains steady despite the economic downturn. Salaries for recent architecture school graduates are increasing. The mean salary for a graduate with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, for example, has risen from $39,333 in 2008 to $41,012 in 2009. The mean salary for a graduate with a Master of Architecture degree has risen from $42,985 to $47,263.

Professional architects with 20 or more years of experience earn an average income of $100,723. Twenty percent of the experienced architects earn up to $142,200, according to the DesignIntelligence survey.

An interior designer with 20 years’ experience is most likely to earn $97,800, with the top 20 percent in making $145,333. Their bonus is 8.3 percent.

The DesignIntelligence Compensation and Benefits Survey is published every year and includes income projections, cost-of-living differentials, and information about benefits and perks. For the most current data, be sure to check the most recent edition.

For more information, go to the website : http://architecture.about.com/cs/careers/a/bearchitect.htm

All this information copy from : http://architecture.about.com/cs/careers/a/bearchitect.htm

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Angkor Village Resort, Siem Reap, Cambodia

4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge, Tatai, Cambodia

Knai Bang Chatt, Kep, Cambodia

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